Freezing of fruits and berries

In frozen fruits and berries, all nutritional, flavoring and aromatic substances are preserved much better than with another method of preservation.

At home, you can freeze fruits and berries in the freezer of your home refrigerator. But with them, you should not store frozen fish or other stocks that have a characteristic smell, which is easily perceived by other products.

Fruits and berries should be fully prepared for freezing. It is irrational to freeze fruits with seeds (apricots, plums).The process of freezing should pass as quickly as possible.In this case, the freezer with modern functions will help you top rated upright freezer .

In-home freezing, plastic containers for food products are used, plastic jars from sour cream, soft cheese, ice cream, etc. You can use packages from dairy products, as well as ordinary tin cans with a height of no more than 5-7 cm.
All packaging is thoroughly washed and dried. In dry clean jars tightly stack products. To save space and packages, you can hold a jar full of frozen contents (2-3 days in the freezer) for a few seconds under the running water so that the frozen briquette lags behind the bottom and can walls. After a slight tapping on the bottom of the inverted can, the briquette falls out itself or is easily removed. It should immediately be sealed (!) in several layers of a thin polyethylene pocket and immediately put back into the freezer for storage.

The capacity of the freezer will be used more fully if the products are frozen not in the round but in rectangular molds. Some delicate berries can be frozen on a plate or leaf. This makes it possible to keep their appearance and shape in a frozen state well, but they take up a slightly larger volume. Frozen berries are scattered carefully, they are covered in cans and sealed tightly, after which they are again put in the freezer for storage.

The general rule for storing frozen foods in a home refrigerator is carefully packed and capped product. The more densely the products are closed, the less often it is necessary to turn off the refrigerator for thawing and the better the quality of the products.

When the refrigerator is turned off for thawing, all the frozen products are taken out and densely laid on a piece of sackcloth. You can simply wrap them in a thick quilt. In winter you can take all these products from the house to the cold. The treatment of the refrigerator should be done as quickly as possible, then immediately turn it on and reload the frozen food in the freezer.
Freezing of different kinds of berries.
Large and medium strawberries can be frozen without packaging, spreading them on a plate and standing in the freezer until completely freezing.

Before consumption, the berries are carefully poured onto a plate and left at room temperature until complete thawing. To improve the taste, you can sprinkle berries with sugar.
The berries will be of high quality if frozen in sugar. Berries are washed under water, and then gently spread on paper or a towel to dry. Frozen berries packed, laid in a freezer and stored until winter.
Another way is to freeze berries in sugar syrup. You must prepare berries, syrup (0.4 kg of sugar per 1 liter of water) then washed containers are cooled for 2-3 hours in the bottom of the refrigerator.Then the berries are packed fairly tightly into a container, poured with cold syrup. Finally, leave berries in a freezer for 24 hours. After that, tightly packed and left for storage.

Freezing of black currants, blueberries, blueberries, cranberries, cowberry
All these berries can be frozen on plates, and then in a frozen form poured for storage in small plastic bags, or in cardboard boxes. You can put fresh berries in boxes and then freeze without sugar or pour sugar powder.